How to Get your IRS REFUND Status

You worked hard for that IRS refund so what is the status?

 Where is my IRS Refund? 

Are you anxiously awaiting your tax refund money? Have you already spent your rebate in your mind and need to know when you can do it in actuality? Have you already plowed through your 2010 tax refund money and are looking forward to your 2011 rebate? I’ll bet your expecting your federal tax refund to be coming soon but want to be sure as to when. For your information, the easiest way to get information about your IRS refund is from the federal government. Can you believe that it’s actually easy to get inf from a government agency? Really, it’s true. You just go to There’s even a link to get info in Spanish. If you filed by e mail then you can get IRS refund status information within 72 hours of filing. If you filed by mail, the old fashioned way, then it takes 3-4 weeks.

irs refund status

IRS Refund Status in Modern Times


The IRS is really getting in with the times. You can now check your IRS refund status with a special app on your Iphone. You can download the app called IRS2Go at the Apple App Store.

If there are still people out there who don’t have an Iphone or internet access you can call the IRS Refund Hotline at 800-829-1954 or 800-829-4477. This phone number gives info in English or Spanish. No matter which way you choose to check your IRS refund status you will need certain information available such as your social security number, your filing status (e.g. single, married etc.) and the exact dollar amount of your refund which is found on your tax return.

IRS Refund Issues?

After 28 days if you don’t receive your refund, or any information about it, you can put a trace on it on the IRS website. Sometimes the IRS can not deliver a refund check because the address is wrong. If that is the case you can change your address immediately on the website.

In order to avoid the chance of your IRS refund check getting lost in the mail, you can instruct the IRS when filing your tax return, to direct deposit your rebate into your bank account. It’s so easy and much faster.

You should be very careful to only go to the IRS website,  for information on your IRS refund status. There are ruthless people out there trying to trick others into giving their personal info. They make believe that they are the government information site and send e mails to people to try and get people’s personal information to access their financial accounts. This is one of the negative aspects of modern technology. Technology can make life so much easier and faster in a way but on the flip side people can take advantage of others much more easily. There is so much of our personal information on the web that unfortunately people , who know how to do it, can cause unsuspecting others a lot of grief. You must always be careful to only give your personal financial information to secured websites. If something seems suspicious to you, or like too good of a deal, then be cautious. Investigate first. You could save yourself a lot of trouble because after all you do not want your IRS refund to go to someone else.